A typical session in the clinic lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour and 30 minutes.  The longer session mainly for the initial visit

Upon our first session together, we will first discuss what the aim of your visit is, and what you would like to achieve.  We then go through a thorough and complete history check for injury, medical history and anything else that may come up.  We carry out a complete movement analysis and gait pattern and see how your body has organised its self over the year

Moving on, we will bring the body through different movements, corrections, and hands on body work including massage and needling to try and influence the body to begin its healing process. 

Clients are then given home work which they are required to do, and a follow up call will be made. 

Successive sessions will be around the hour mark, and will be spent going back over what we found previously, and aiming to improve and progress what we have already achieved. 

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