Anatomy in Motion is a map of the human body and the journey it takes through our gait cycle (walking). Using this we can see what each joint in the body is doing in all three dimensions at a particular time. Every joint from your foot to your head should be accessing all three planes of motions working in unison with each other.

When something doesn't move the way it should, problems start to occur. When the body is out of balance, some
structures are forced to work harder than they normally would. They’re basically picking up the slack for somewhere else not pulling its weight.

Anatomy in Motion is a chance to experience better movement away from their aches and pains. AIM is an approach that looks at movement and what is ‘missing’ from your body’s gait cycle and thus eliminating pain and compensation from the body.


Have a watch/listen to the videos below to get more of an insight in to Anatomy in Motion




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