At Hamilton Pain and Injury Clinic, we are committed to helping active men and women of Dublin get back to doing the things they love, without fear of being in pain, or the frustration of reoccurring injuries!

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People who we help include..

Those who hoped the pain might  go away by itself but it didn’t.



 ✔Those who are anxious about the thoughts of missing out on exercise, not being able to play a match, or fear of training because they

might do further damage.


 ✔Those who believe that they’re just getting old’ and it’s normal to have this pain’.



 ✔Those who've tried other Health Professionals, but were not listened to or only given a short, rushed session. 



✔Those who've tried some exercises on YouTube which only gave a little short term relief, or didn’t help at all thus leaving them confused and a little worried. 

✔Those who feel ‘broken’ or ‘can’t be fixed

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Have you been suffering with back pain for more than 6 months?  If Have you "tried everything", and seen all the therapists known to man, yet still suffer with back pain, then this E-book might just be for you!

Back Pain Relief guide

Stop foam rolling your god damn IT band!  If you are experiencing pain in and around the knee, and you haven't had any relief from the general exercises given, this e-book may just shed some light on the situation 

Massage and Needling Services


Hamilton Pain and Injury Clinic

Room 11 Dublin Business Centre, Slaney Road, GLasnevin Industrial Estate. Dublin 11

TEL: 0894918007

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